How This Site Will Help You

This site will help you by providing you with information, hints, tips’n’tricks and other usefull stuff that (most probably) you will not find anywhere else or if you did it would have taken you a considerable time to find.

Yeh, but what can there be that’s new that I can’t already find out there I hear you ask – anyway that’s the first question I asked before embarking on this project. Well just ask yourself how many times you’ve been stuck on something, needed to know how to do something or how something worked and try as you might you just can’t seem to find what you need? Chances are if you are doing anything a little off the beaten track then it’s quite often.

From experience I know that many times I have been in this situation and have gone on to figure it out for myself but as I haven’t had an immediate outlet to capture the solution it stays in my head and goes no further. I’m sure this effect is replicated countless times around the globe every day so this is my little stake in the ground to tip the balance just ever so slightly.

Now of course what happens here is necessarily limited by time and effort so unfortunately not everyone is going to find the answer to their problem or the piece of information that they need but hopefully enough people will find enough answers and information to make it worthwhile. If nothing else, at least I’ll know where to look to fix that thing I fixed once, way back.