485Ambiguous.com is where you can come to get information and thoughts about various aspects of web design and technology plus some other interesting topics that surface from time to time. Yes, it’s a big field, so don’t expect to see all of it covered, but hopefully you’ll find some stuff that interests you and be able to put it to good use. It’s not a showcase or anything like that, but things will undoubtedly change over time ¬†as new tools and techniques leave their mark.

If you would like to know a little more about why this site came into being then this short introduction may be just what you need.

About 485Ambiguous

485Ambiguous is aka Jeremy Trask who is currently operating as a freelance engineer undertaking various web related and other projects capitalizing on his extensive experience in the telecommunications industry. For the slightly longer version read my slightly longer introduction.

If you are wondering about the origins of the name then think of something you may be more familiar with, such as “404 Not Found”, then consider that there are additional Response Codes which may be used in other contexts, and finally wind up at IETF RFC3261 Section 21.4.23 – did I mention I have a telecommunications background?